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Crisp, clean, and malt forward, with high drinkability and low hoppy bitterness.

This refreshing German style Ale was developed by the people of Cologne in order to mimic the drinkability of the smooth, southern german lager styles. It’s pale golden malt body stands at the forefront of its flavour profile, with a light hop presence, it is a good alternative for someone looking for an easy drinking beer that will not challenge the palate. Made with Greenlandic glacial water, this beer is sure to be a favourite among the locals.

Available in 4% and 5% ABV


Crisp, clean, and refreshing with a balanced hops/malt flavour profile.

An elegant lager designed to showcase the purity and freshness of the Greenlandic glacial water. Brewed with the world’s finest ingredients, this beer’s minimalistic barley and hop recipe leave no room for production error. The Pilsner style is known worldwide as one of the most difficult beer styles to brew, and can only be appreciated with a keen sense of simple complexities. Qajaq Pils has a delicate fresh hop aroma, underlined by a golden maltiness that will not tire your palate and keep you wanting more.

ABV (alcohol by volume) 4.7%

Red Ale

This seasonal red ale is a delicious option for someone who would like something a little bit in between our lights and dark beers. It is characterised by a light caramel malty sweetness with hints of lightly toasted bread. The profile of this beer is fairly neutral but finishes with a hint of roasted grain. It is balanced out by a light earthy hop flavour and finishes clean and dry.

ABV 4.7%


Dominated by soft, rich, complex flavours from darker Munich Malts. Mild caramel and toasty malt flavours with light sweet-chocolate notes. Hop bitterness is moderately low but detectable, making this beer much more seasonable than many dark beers. Medium dry finish with a clean fermentation profile. A guaranteed favourite amongst the locals.

ABV 5% 


Toasty, sweet, malty, with mild chocolate and dark fruit undertones.

The name of this beer directly translates to “double goat”. It is a German style “Bock” beer that has twice the kick of a normal Bock. Because of its dark appearance and strong alcohol content, this beer has what it takes to get you through the coldest of winters. Often times only brewed as a winter seasonal, up here in Greenland, we felt that it could be enjoyed all year round.

Great for celebrating the most special occasions, and makes a wonderful gift when packaged in our 750 ml bottles.

ABV 8.3%

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