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330ml bottles


A classic Munich Helles lager brewed with the finest German pilsner malt, Bavarian lager yeast, and with generous aroma additions of our favourite noble hop, Hallertauer Mittelfruh. Light, brite, and crisp, with a gentle bitterness and delicate bready malt character.
7% ABV

Dunkel/ Umimmak

Dominated by soft, rich, complex flavours from darker Munich Malts. Mild caramel and toasty malt flavours with light sweet-chocolate notes. Hop bitterness is moderately low but detectable, making this beer much more seasonable than many dark beers. Medium dry finish with a clean fermentation profile.
ABV: 5.0%


This refreshing German style Ale was developed by the people of Cologne in order to mimic the drinkability of the smooth, southern german lager styles. It's pale golden malt body stands at the forefront of its flavour profile, with a light hop presence, it is a good alternative for someone looking for an easy drinking beer that will not challenge the palate.
ABV: 5.0%


Often times only brewed as a winter seasonal, up here in Greenland, we felt that it could be enjoyed all year round.
ABV: 7.0%

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